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Unique Amish Furniture

Amish furniture offers a huge selection of wood types, that are custom made and handcrafted. Real Wood Furniture stocks hard-to-find Amish furniture that is made from 100% solid wood that will last for generations and pass the test of time.

Amish furniture provides exceptional quality since each piece of furniture is one-of-a-kind because of being hand hewn, hand built and finished to your specifications... and, is Made in America!

The Amish harvest local woods such as oak, cherry, maple and walnut. All of their furniture is meticulously handcrafted. You can order custom furniture that will be perfect for either your home or your place of business. When placing special orders, you can specify the type of woods to be used, the color of the stains and/or paints desired and the exact dimensions of each piece.

Amish furniture is appealing because of its overall appearance which is the result of selecting beautiful hardwoods, using time-tested construction methods and adding artistic touches with their stained and painted finishes.

A large percentage of today's furniture contains sawdust mixed with glues and chemicals... nothing more than particle board which will not pass the test of time! Solid wood construction makes furniture far more durable, valuable and long-lasting.

Amish furniture can be customized in different ways for your living space. Visit with the friendly staff at Real Wood Furniture if you would like a custom piece of furniture that would be perfect for your home or your place of business.

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